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TSMC Powers Ahead with a 16.5% Revenue Surge in Q1 2024, Demonstrating Strong Momentum In the first quarter of 2024, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) demonstrated substantial growth, with a year-on-year revenue increase of 16.5% to $18.54 billion, compared to $16.72 billion in the same period of the previous year. This growth showcased a remarkable momentum for the company, marking the most significant mon... 11/04/2024
Embedded World 2024: The Latest Trends and Innovations in Embedded Systems Embedded World 2024, the renowned trade fair for embedded systems, kicked off from April 9 to 11 in the vibrant city of Nuremberg. Drawing international manufacturers and service providers of embedded software and hardware, this event stands as the pinnacle of technological advancements in the field. With a rich history dating back to 2003, E... 10/04/2024
Electrical Tap Connectors: Your Go-To Guide If you work in the electrical industry, you know the importance of having reliable and efficient connections. Electrical tap connectors are a vital component in any electrical system, allowing for safe and secure connections between wires. In this article, we will explore the benefits of tap connectors and how they can help you streamline y... 10/04/2024
12 Way Consumer Unit: Upgrade Your Electrical System Are you looking to improve the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system? A 12 way consumer unit might just be the solution you need. But what exactly is a 12 way consumer unit and how does it compare to the more commonly used 4 way and 3 way consumer units? If you would like to order a 12-way consumer unit or any other ele... 10/04/2024
Countries by Motor Vehicle Production in 2024 In 2024, various countries around the world contributed significantly to the global motor vehicle production. Here are some notable players and their production numbers for the year: 1) China -  A powerhouse in the automotive industry, China led the way with a whopping production of 30 million vehicles. The country's vast manufactu... 09/04/2024
Introducing Murata's Type 2GT Module Murata is revolutionizing the connectivity landscape with its cutting-edge Type 2GT module, a powerhouse of multi-band capabilities designed to elevate your IoT and wireless communication projects to new heights. Compact yet Mighty: Measuring a mere 9.98 x 8.70 x 1.74mm, this sleek module is a compact powerhouse that packs a punch in performa... 08/04/2024
Semiconductor Sales Surge to $46.2 Billion in February 2024 In February, semiconductor sales reached $46.2 billion, marking a significant increase of 16.3% compared to February 2023's total of $39.7 billion. However, there was a slight decline of 3.1% from January's sales of $47.6 billion, as reported by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). On a regional level, year-over-year sales ... 07/04/2024
Hailo Raises $120M in Series C Round and Launches Hailo-10 GenAI Accelerators Hailo, the Israeli AI edge processor specialist, has secured $120 million in a Series C round, bringing the company's total funding to an impressive $340 million. Notable investors in this latest round include the Zisapel family, Gil Agmon, Delek Motors, Alfred Akirov, DCLBA, Vasuki, OurCrowd, Talcar, Comasco, Automotive Equipment (AEV), and... 03/04/2024
Who Dominates the Semiconductor Market? In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, advanced semiconductors play a pivotal role in driving innovation across various industries, enabling the functionality of devices ranging from smartphones to sophisticated healthcare equipment. Taiwan's Dominance and Shifting Landscape Taiwan leads the way in the advanced se... 02/04/2024
AI Race: Is India a leader in AI? India has taken significant steps towards bolstering its position in the field of artificial intelligence. With the recent approval of a substantial 103 billion rupee ($1.25 billion) investment in AI projects, the country is gearing up to enhance its capabilities in this cutting-edge technology. The investment is earmarked for the development of... 01/04/2024
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